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Jamiroquai to add to F1 heat

Jay Kay: ‘If you come for the show, you’ll realise that we’re a very pacy band. It’s going to be good ... we’re going to roll it out’
Jay Kay: ‘If you come for the show, you’ll realise that we’re a very pacy band. It’s going to be good ... we’re going to roll it out’

PETALING JAYA: The off-circuit action at the 11th Petronas Malaysian Grand Prix on Sunday is expected to be just as exciting as the F1 race.

Revving up the excitement will be British acid jazz outfit Jamiroquai, which will lead the Grand Prix Party at the helipad area beside the Sepang International Circuit.

The Manchester band, led by 39-year-old lead singer Jay Kay (real name Jason Cheetham), will treat F1 fans to music from its six studio albums.

Kay, a keen sportscar enthusiast and Ferrari supporter, is looking forward to the second race in this year’s F1 calendar.

“It’s interesting doing this show because I’ve always been associated with motorsport and music together.

“I once did a show at Le Mans for Audi, with which I have a great relationship, and they told me that there would be a couple of thousand people there ... and 40,000 turned up. So hopefully, that’s what we’ll get this time,” said the singer.

The band, whose music fuses elements of jazz, electro, disco and more, is expected to play a high-energy set.

“We’re not Boyzone. You’re not going to get too many ballads from us. If you come for the show, you’ll realise that we’re a very pacy band,” Kay explained.

“It’s going to be good ... we’re going to roll it out. Apart from this show and the one in Indonesia after this, these will be our last shows before we head back to complete our upcoming album.”

Jamiroquai expects to kick off a world tour early next year in the Asian region.

“It’s just too cold to do it in Europe then and we like to follow the sun. We like to start in the Southern Hemisphere and then work our way upwards to where the temperature is more sensible,” Kay quipped.

Opening acts for the 90-minute Grand Prix Party include American R&B band Naturally 7, hip hop act Maliq & D’ Essentials and DJ outfit Twilight Actiongirl.

All F1 ticket holders are entitled to the concert, which kicks off after the race at 8.30pm.

For more information and ticket details, visit malaysiangp.com.my.

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