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Chance to win free tickets

KUALA LUMPUR: Grab the chance to watch the best-selling London West End musical and world’s No. 1 show Mamma Mia live in Kuala Lumpur for free - with a special ticket giveaway promotion by The Star beginning next Monday.

Over 30 million people around the world have fallen in love with the characters, story and music that make Mamma Mia the ultimate feel-good show.

And now with free tickets up for grabs, Malaysians can win a once-in-a lifetime opportunity to savour the musical extravaganza too.

Mamma Mia tells the heart-warming story of a young bride-to-be’s search for her real father.

The glittering musical features the infectious songs by pop group Abba, and has enormous appeal thanks to timeless tale of love, family and friendship.

Mamma Mia has played in more than 25 major cities around the world and an estimated 17,000 people - across all ages and national boundaries - are said to see the show daily. This is the first time the International Touring production in the original English language is coming to Asia.

The musical in London continues to receive a rapturous welcome from the audience every night, and from its popularity and rave reviews worldwide, it is anticipated that Mamma Mia will be one of the most successful and memorable musicals to hit the Malaysian shores.

For a chance to win the free tickets, all you have to do is register as a MyStar member, then log on to on Monday from 9am onwards

Mamma Mia will be staged at Istana Budaya, Kuala Lumpur from Dec 17 to Jan 1.

There is a 20% early bird discount for those who buy tickets by Oct 31.

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