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'Indah' - first Malay single from Hannah Tan

Diterbitkan: Jumaat, 13 Februari 2009 12:00 AM

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Hannah never sung in Malay before but said it definitely worth the effort
Hannah never sung in Malay before but said it definitely worth the effort

Sexy singer/songwriter/actress and entrepreneur Hannah Tan recently announced the release of her first Single as an independent Malaysian solo artiste to the local airwaves, in conjunction with the upcoming Valentine’s Day on February 14.

What’s most surprising though, is the fact that this particular song is in Malay – totally unassuming for Hannah, whose career in the entertainment industry was built around English language programmes, music and events, and her core fan-base – predominantly the English-speaking pop-culture audience.

‘Indah’, originally composed and written in English by Hannah personally, was translated with the help of Pot Amir and Reymee Hussein of local R&B group Innuendo to reinforce Hannah’s appreciation to the local Malaysian fans in conjunction with her move to Japan last January.

“Although I’m currently based in a foreign country, I’m still a true-blooded Malaysian inside out, love my country and make an effort to communicate with the people most significant to me through my website.

"And what could be more Malaysian than to translate this first release (as an independent artiste) into Malay, especially since I’m dedicating it to the fellow Malaysians that have supported me unconditionally up till this very day?

This first release as an independent artiste means a lot to me, so I wanted it to be a personal message to the people that have made the difference in my life and career.

I have never sung in Malay before, so believe me, this task was a challenge on its own, but definitely worth the effort”, Hannah said with a big smile on her face.

Produced by Reymee Hussein of Innuendo and arranged by Shah and Sham Kamikaze, ‘Indah’ is a full acoustic track with just the guitar (played by Sham Kamikaze) accompaniment and vocals (by Hannah Tan).

It is currently available for free download at www.hannahtan.com until March 2009, following which it will be made available via mobile download from the local telcos.

‘Indah’ will premiere on X Fresh FM’s Zon Planet X (under an on-air segment called X Plosive) on the eve of Valentine’s Day, Friday 13th February 2009, at approximately 8.40pm (with on-air announcer Dina). The re-play of ‘Indah’ on the station will take place throughout Monday 16th February 2009, between 10am to 4pm (it will be the last song of each hour for the replay of segment X Plosive, i.e. 10.55am, 11.55am, 12.55pm, 1.55pm, 2.55pm, 3.55pm).

Frequencies of XFM - 103.0FM in KL / 106.5FM in Penang / 98.5FM in Ipoh / 98.6FM in Kota Kinabalu / 107.3FM in Melaka / 100.0FM in Kuantan / 104.0FM in Kuala Terengganu / 104.9FM in Taiping / 103.7FM in Kuching / 99.8FM in Kota Bharu / 103.3FM in Johor Bahru / 98.4FM in Utara Johor / 97.9FM in Seremban.

Listeners can also request for ‘Indah’ as a Valentine’s Day dedication to loved ones by calling the station after its premiere on Friday night. For more information, please visit www.XFM.com.my or www.hannahtan.com