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Catfight over ex-MB’s son

Diterbitkan: Rabu 23 Ogos, 2006

KUALA LUMPUR: Actress Nur Fazura Sharifuddin was the star attraction when she came to a magistrate’s court here to answer an assault charge involving her and a 31-year-old housewife over the son of a former Selangor Mentri Besar.  

The Gol & Gincu star who was with her manager Shah Shamshiri and TV host Cheryl Samad, was stopped for an autograph by a policeman before the start of the hearing.

Fazura (right) being accompanied by Cheryl as she enters the court yesterday.  

Nur Fazura, 23, allegedly assaulted Geraldine Mariana Wong, ex-wife of Ezra Effendi (son of Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Mohd Effendi Norwawi) during a catfight over Ahmad Razman Ahmad Razali, 30, (the son of the late Tan Sri Ahmad Razali Mohd Ali, former Selangor Mentri Besar). 

Wong was allegedly assaulted at Bar Luna, Pacific Regency Hotel and Apartments, in Jalan Kia Peng here on Dec 19, 2004 at 1.20am. 

Wong, who testified as the first prosecution witness, told a magistrate’s court here that she had gone to Bar Luna with her friend Cerina Tan and was with several friends at the bar when the actress came up to her and started a conversation. 

Wong: 'She hit me in my eye, my head and my chin'.
She said Fazura suddenly shoved her three times and in retaliation, she shoved the Gol & Gincu star back. 

“There was a fight between us. We were pulling each other’s hair. Everyone started crowding around us and trying to separate us,” she said. 

After the fight, Wong said, she was talking to her friend Wan Aida Suliani Wan Adnan and a few others when Fazura came from behind with her high-heeled sandal. 

“She hit me in my eye, my head and my chin,” Wong said, pointing towards her left eye, forehead and chin. 

“Again, people separated us,” she added. 

To a question by prosecuting officer Chief Insp R. Rukumar, Wong replied that she did not know Fazura personally but only “knew of her” as the actress who was going out with her ex-boyfriend.  

When C/Insp Rukumar produced a high-heeled sandal for identification, Wong could not positively identify it.  

During cross-examination by Fazura’s lawyer Fakhrul Azman Abu Hassan, Wong admitted that the earlier catfight was over her ex-boyfriend Ahmad Razman who was dating the actress at the time of the incident. 

However, Wong denied the lawyer’s contentions that she had insulted Fazura and that she had tried to seduce Ahmad Razman who was also at Bar Luna at the time of the incident. 

At this juncture, Fakhrul Azman produced a written testimony of Ahmad Razman dated April 14 last year, claiming that Wong had tried to seduce him despite him telling her off, that she was the one who started physically attacking Fazura until she fell, and that she continued attacking the actress despite the actress’ attempt to get up and leave. Wong denied everything. 

Fakhrul Azman also contended that the complainant had given false information in her police report by stating that she was a housewife. 

He said Wong had divorced her ex-husband Ezra on June 18, 2004 but the incident took place six months later. 

Wong, in defending her “housewife” status, said she was still in trauma and pain when she made the police report and because the police kept asking for her occupation, she replied that she was a housewife because she was not working. 

The hearing before magistrate Aizatul Akmal Maharani continues today. THE STAR